Nodachi is a large two-handed sword. Generally worn across the back as a symbol of status.

Deals 3d10 Damage. Strikes Last. Overrides all skills and style bonuses.

Kodachi are a short sword that appears to have no significant use other than as a replacement blade for a Wakizashi.

Deals 1d10 Damage.

Wakizashi is generally the secondary sword that a samurai wears. Usually shorter than a katana.

Deals 3d6 Damage.

Tachi are swords that are similar in length and style to katanas, but are just worn differently. Used primarily by government officials.

Deals 1d20 Damage.

Tanto is a small short sword. Generally used as a concealed weapon, or as a last resort.

Deals 1d8 Damage. Can be Dual-Wield.

Katana are the swords used by Samurai and others who have been trained in swordsmanship.

Deals 1d20 Damage.

Yari is a six-foot long spear with an eight inch, double sided blade meant for puncturing armor and flesh. Mass produced for Ashigaru, and other warriors.

Deals 1d12 Damage. Increase Armor Pen by 1.

Naginta is a spear designed to cleave people in two. A heavy strongly forged blade at one end meant to chop man, horse, demon, and geisha into pieces.

Deals 1d20 Damage.

Hozoin Spear is the spear that the Hozoin Spear School created specifically for their style. It is a heavily modified Yari, with a crescent blade attachment at the end of the blade. It was designed to chop people, pierce armor, to disarm foes, and has become one of the most practical weapon of war.

Deals 1d12 Damage. +1 to all combat rolls.


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